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9 Powerful Questions To Find Out What To Do With Your Life

Ever been stuck in a rut, like you just can’t get motivated or inspired? Some people seemingly had it easy, who knew from a young age what they wanted to do. For the rest of us that question can be much more challenging to answer, and we may have found ourselves in a place where it seems like there’s no spark of passion or direction. Answering the provided questions will guide you to refining and understanding what you should be doing with your life. These questions are designed to outline what you’re great at and passionate about, and combine how to best be of service for a purposeful and fulfilling life. 

When were you happiest and why?

Make the choice of how you want to fill your cup and how you want your life to be by determining what you want to pursue and what you are passionate about. Stop fretting, get out of your own head, and release worry. You have the answers you seek. Focusing intent on when you were happiest will connect an emotional trigger to illuminate aspects you can incorporate into your career. Were you happiest when you were getting sunshine? Maybe you need to work outdoors. Perhaps you were the most happy writing, or in science class. Making a list will point you in direction of what you’re passionate about, which is the first step to finding how to fulfill your purpose. 

What are you skilled at?

Make a list. Write down every single thing you’re skilled at. When you’re done with your list, feel good about the fact that you’ve actually got something positive to look at on paper. Next, organize that list based on what you believe you’re best at from the list of skills and qualities you’ve written down about yourself. 

What gets you excited?

What “work” doesn’t feel like work? Be mindful to outline your points intuitively, you want to write down an emotional response, not one that is based off of expectations or societal definitions of success. What lights you up? What makes you excited? What seems natural and easy? Define what you love to do even if you don’t get paid to do it. That is the correct path to deliver what you want. Completed goals and expectations will happen very quickly when you are aligned with your authenticity.

What experiences are you most proud of yourself for?

Positive emotional triggers are the key to perseverance. Looking back at your accomplishments creates positive memories, and can put you on the right track for what risks you’re willing to take to achieve your goals. Once you’ve recorded or listed everything you’re proud of yourself for, look at why you’re proud of yourself. Was it because you achieved a sense of completion? Was it because you overcame fears? This question examines the motivating and driving forces behind you to achieve fulfilment and successful living.   

What would you do if you had all the money and time in the world?

What is the ultimate dream, and biggest dream you can dream for yourself? Limiting beliefs are often caused by emotional trauma. They can stunt growth and stop anyone in their tracks from getting the most out of life. This is your reminder that the world is yours. Completion of your goals is entirely possible if you can muster the faith in yourself and surrender these limits. Self-expression has no limits. Allow yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are.

What are your goals?

A simple and common question, but entirely necessary. I firmly believe that if you have no clear objective you cannot make the steps to get to where you want. It can be anything, from getting a driver’s license to climbing Everest. Goal setting is pertinent to creating the steps and outlining what you’re reaching for so that you can move forward and have reference to where you are going. Keep in mind that the journey is constantly changing, but if those goals are made apparent, you have something to work towards. And often when we’re working towards something we want, something entirely different can come about. That’s the joy of life, that it’s always changing and we are continuously learning. Fulfilment comes from acceptance of authenticity and the growth associated with our values. 

What do you value?

Learning how to align your values with a service to make enough earnings, and support yourself to live the life you choose is what this question is all about. If something is out of alignment with your beliefs and values, first of all, you won’t have the emotional attachment to persevere when you need it. Aligning your values provides an emotional attachment that is necessary for stamina when it comes to big dreams. The one difference between people who are successful versus people that aren’t is that they never gave up. On the road to living a purposeful and successful life, the journey wasn’t any easier for successful people. They simply understood when the times got tough, they had enough emotional investment to keep them going. 

Who do you admire?

Writing down or determining who you admire steers you in the direction of the kind of life you want to live. Once you’ve written down who you admire, look at why you admire them? What have they done to create their success? Are they best-selling authors, are they formidable and motivating speakers? With a deeper dive into the lives of these people you can begin to see what is achievable for yourself and how to get there, if you emulate their career and consider what they did to get to where they are. What service did they provide on their path to their success? By finding examples of what has already been done and is doable, you now have a game plan of possible options that you can work on to provide the life you want. If they did it, so can you! By aligning your values with what you’re passionate about and what you’re skilled at with the services you can provide, the formula for success, happiness and fulfilment begins to take shape.

What risks are you willing to take?

The simple truth is: if you’re not willing to do the work, then you’re not willing to reap the benefits. If your goal is on the other side of risk or fear, how will you be able to get to the rewards? The most successful leaders attack fear and risk. They are successful because they were able to muster up the confidence to go after what they wanted regardless of the risks involved. Figuring out what risks you are and are not willing to take will see to what path you follow to get to your goals. This is meant to steer you in the right direction, do not give up. There are always multiple paths to achieve your goals and live the life you want. The challenge here is identifying which path is for you.

~Danny Mack

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