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As a Life Coach, it’s Bron Johnson’s job to help people connect with their core values.

That used to mean guiding them to define outer success, rather than inspiring them to take an honest look within themselves to see what’s really working and what isn’t.

With the advancements of scientific research on psychological and spiritual well being, now more than ever before, people would rather pursue deep emotional freedom than they would pursue a large sum of money, a quick pathway to fame, or the top accolades in their profession.

That’s not to say they no longer desire outer success; they just now see through the false messages the mass media says is going to give them the deep fulfillment they’ve been searching for their entire lives.

Therefore, his work is to help people demystify the false premises they have about reality and their sense of self worth so they can create the life they truly want with ease and speed.

An interview in Kelowna with Bron Johnson - Merrymen Magazine Volume 6

There is a call for compassion throughout our planet. Do you hear it? As people are awakening to this truth, it takes courage to be compassionate in a world where so many are still searching for love and genuine happiness in all the wrong places.

It takes a willingness to forgive the past mistakes of our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who have been wanting to define purpose in a systematically corrupt world. Every one of us is learning how to answer it while becoming the version of ourselves we feel inspired to be. Choosing to see past hurt souls in order to connect with the part of us that is crying for help, love and attention is what’s going to actually fulfill us and make the world a better place for us all to live.

To show up as the person you know you are despite a society that’s ready to tear you down at any stroke of vulnerability, that is what’s going to give you the life you truly want.

Bron Johnson is a professional Life Coach based out of Kelowna, British Columbia. Visit bronjohnson.com to learn more.

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