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Originally from Calgary, Canadian designer Daniel Meloché has called Vancouver home for the past 14 years. He dwells in the heart of downtown near beautiful Sunset Beach with his pom-chi, Whitney. Having a knack for design since he was a child, his design aesthetic grows and evolves from project to project. We explore his South Granville residential renovation and learn how he connects his designs to his core values of function, balance, and playfulness.

It was because of the support of a friend who encouraged designer Daniel Meloché to pursue his talent for interior design that motivated his actions to do so. And with over 10 years of success it’s clear that he made the right choice.

Daniel says he enjoys each project uniquely because his design aesthetic is constantly growing and evolving from each project.

“I am constantly learning and refining my craft. I take inspiration from all facets of design, such as nature, fashion, art and my fellow colleagues. I’m immersed in beauty, especially living in a city like Vancouver. It drives my mind into a flurry of thoughts and creative ideas.”

Design Connection - Merrymen Magazine Design feature with photography from Heather Merenda
Design Connection - Merrymen Magazine article featuring designs by Daniel Meloché

He attributes space optimization and design as a collaborative effort. Whether with other designers, product representatives, artists or clients, he’s mindful that everyone has a different perspective on creativity and how design can improve a space to reach its full potential of form and function.

Because people use spaces in many different ways, Daniel says his main goal with his work is to connect each environment to the user. Over the years of working on various projects, one of the most important lessons he’s learned is to trust your instincts as they are more than often right.

Daniel’s projects include a large spectrum of client requests and locations ranging from residential to hospitality and corporate spaces.

“I provide specific attention to the client connection during initial meetings over the type of project, as it is important to me to innately understand each other in order to have a successful project outcome.”

Right after earning his design degree, Daniel entered a competition for BC’s Best Young Designer. It was a challenge comprised of six designers under the age of 30 who had to completely make over a residential display suite. In the end, Daniel won the competition, giving him the validation and confidence to push forward as an emerging designer in Vancouver.

What’s next for Daniel? He concludes that he will continue to evolve his craft and aspires to eventually branch off into other mediums such as lighting or product design that can be incorporated into his projects.

“Always create a harmonized space of function and form that my clients, and in some cases their patrons, can truly enjoy.”

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