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photos / creative direction – Stanislav Solovkin / Soar Productions International
producer – Taylo Garcia Sotelo

Divine Masculine

Photographer Stanislav Solovkin turns his lens to the male physique, especially the sculpted male form.

Cuba-based but originally from Russia, photographer and TV producer Stanislav Solovkin has worked on everything from documentaries, tv shows, screenwriting, journalism and photography.

Solovkin uses his fierce and impeccable aesthetic to focus attention on the human form, as evident in his work which looks at the male physique.

“Most of the models are my friends and Cuba has the most beautiful people in the world,” he tells Merrymen.

His ability to highlight aspects of the male form while keeping it hidden in shadow, Solovkin aims to juxtapose hyper-masculinity with mystery. His work extends the common notions of what’s considered masculine, and what is left to the imagination.

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