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Discovering the importance of storytelling, professionalism and giving back as a photographer and artist

Ara Coutts is an accomplished fashion photographer hailing from Toronto Canada, and in just a few short years of pursuing her passion she has shot for Canadian fashion brands Narces, Ross Mayer, and House of Dwir just to name a few. Ara’s quick rise to success is accompanied by her professionalism, along with her talents as an artist and visionary who understands that photography is more than just composition, but a form of creative expression to tell and captivate us with stories. In this episode we discuss how storytelling can make you a better artist, and that support and gratitude can be tremendously influential on your path to success in the creative industry.


Resources for this episode (for your reference or more info!)
➤Fashion Photography 101 – CreativeLive by Lara Jade
➤Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins

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Reloving the Classics

Check out Ara’s fashion editorial for Merrymen about celebrating beloved vintage pieces for sustainability while staying in

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