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Do you want to be a happier, more authentic version of yourself, full of inspiration and creativity? Are your thoughts telling you that this isn’t possible? If this rings true, you might want to start paying attention to what you are thinking and how you are treating yourself.

Our thoughts are curious things. They have a way of dictating how we see our lives and how we reflect on past events or relationships. When our thought patterns become unhealthy and negative, they can sabotage us mentally and emotionally and lead to the development of problems like anxiety, depression or high blood pressure.

Just one thought like “I don’t think I’m creative enough for this project” can lead to serious self-doubt and develop feelings of anxiety. Dwelling on past mistakes and criticizing ourselves won’t help either. Soon we end up continuously telling ourselves that we are less, that we will never reach our goals or that we will never be good enough for someone else.

Moving On With Positive Affirmations

So how do we say goodbye to negative and dark thoughts to lift ourselves towards happiness?

It all starts with having self-compassion and telling ourselves positive affirmations. Self-compassion is the opposite of self-criticism. By telling yourself how bad you are, you are allowing yourself to recognize your inadequacies and failures. However, acting in kindness towards yourself aids in a mindful reset, just like you would for a loved one when they are in the same position. Mindful meditation can help us deal with painful past issues, allowing us to rid ourselves of negative energy and encouraging healing. The next step is transforming our thoughts through positive affirmation.

Just like we train our bodies using repetitive physical exercise, we can also train our brain in the same way. Positive affirmations are little encouraging messages that we give ourselves to help us overcome negative or self-sabotaging thoughts. By repeating these thoughts on a daily basis, not only do we calibrate our beliefs but reset the energy we radiate, attracting the very things we desire.

Positive affirmations to try every morning after waking up, or during a mindfulness meditation session:

  • I am enough (brave, loved, beautiful, creative, etc.) 
  • I am destined for success
  • I love who I am and I will achieve greatness

As you say your affirmations, imagine yourself already having achieved what it is you want.

Positive affirmations can rewire our thought process and change our outlook on life.

With a more positive belief system, happiness, inspiration and creativity are just around the corner.

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