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How to overcome negative thoughts | Mind hacking happiness & success

Negative thoughts can block your success and happiness. You could be happy one minute and the next, your mind is running off in the opposite direction. Don’t let negativity ruin your day.

Never forget your “why.” Why do you want to be happy? Who are you doing all these things for? For yourself? Or for someone dear to your heart? Use these as positive triggers to bring your thoughts back to the present. It’s true that quitters are never going to win. And practicing bringing your attention to your present takes time and effort, so don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results of curving negative thought patterns.

Another way to limit negativity is to try and surround yourself with positive influences and stay away from people who’ll tell you that you’re never going to amount to anything else. If you get trapped within a circle of negativity, you’ll find it extremely difficult to succeed in anything. 


Establish milestones and celebrate even the smallest wins. Conditioning the mind to regain focus on these positive things will limit negativity. Celebration helps to sustain you and encourage you to continue doing your best. Don’t be afraid of failing, too. Treat failure as your friend and learn from your mistakes. It’s going to show you the path you need to take to be happy and successful in life! 

Here are some more proven and easy ways you can overcome negative thoughts:

Take a deep breath and tell yourself to stop

You need to be self-aware for this tip to work. The moment you realize you’re thinking negatively, just imagine tapping yourself on the shoulder and telling yourself to take a deep breath and stop the negativity. Once you’ve gathered your thoughts, refocus your attention on what’s at hand.

Analyze your negative thoughts

A lot of things that go on in your mind can be pretty irrational, but when negativity is clouding your brain, it’s easy to overlook this fact. So, instead of taking your negative thought at face value, try breaking it down. You’ll see that it’s not going to be so bad, after all. 

Talk it out with someone you trust

Sometimes you just need to air your thoughts and feelings out. Talk it over with your closest buddy and ask for their advice. Perhaps they’ll be able to offer better insight and give you some positive alternatives.

Get some exercise or some fresh air

Clearing your head from time to time is important. When you feel like your negative thoughts are choking the life out of you, and telling yourself to stop thinking negatively isn’t working, then it’s time to go out for a run or a workout. Occupy yourself and get busy doing something else to take your mind off things. 

Think about the things you’re thankful for

Practicing gratitude is important. Keep a list of things you’re grateful for, both tangibles and intangibles. When you start feeling down and sorry for yourself, take a look at your list and remind yourself why you’re fortunate. Use this as motivation to continue with your day and your goals. 

Make someone smile

One of the best ways to free your mind from negative thoughts is by giving a bit of your time and attention to someone else. Do something nice for a family member or a friend or even a random stranger on the street. Make it a daily goal to make someone smile or happy, and you’ll forget you ever had negative thoughts to begin with! 

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