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photos – Don Nadie Studio
handbag designer – Laura Aguilera Founder of Victoria Paris
paper designer – Lis Carrasco

Intersection of Design

Fashion has no absolute truths. In a collaboration between the Victoria Paris, a brand of vegan luxury handbags created by Mexican designer Laura Aguilera, and the Don Nadie design studio created by Lisandro Carrasco and Mono Alvarado, who are passionate about the use of paper as a basic resource, they showcase a rich mix of minimalist shapes and colors in an intersection of design and culture.

The recovery of elements, including the feathered snake, the agave and the nopal thorns, reflect the identity of the brand and its origins. Latin American designers grow and emerge with strength, and identity, since looking for their roots and harmonizing them with new trends, they achieve extraordinary results.

Latin American designers, like Laura Aguilera, seek to project themselves with enthusiasm and diligence in the global market, they work constantly on their objective, and their greatest reward is positioning and recognition in the international fashion market.

We’re reminded that designers continue to act according to the demographics to which they belong, consciously or unconsciously demonstrating their origins. 

In this internationalization of the world, their designs are observed with curiosity and expectation. And are a refreshing and innovative mixture of colors with extremely attractive attributes. Latin American designers have achieved a significant position in fashion, with increasing force, presence and their own style, they’ve obtained a seat in the global concert of fashion.

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