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Designs: Siamo Studio, Styling: Anaïs Vauxcelles, Makeup & Hair: Andrea López, Elena Bernechea, Models: Adriana García, Sofia Arregui represented by Carmen Duran, Production: Lucía Valdez, Video: Nitales

Siamo Studio was born from the passion of two young creatives who wanted to undertake a journey in fashion with art and innovation. Their mission is to create textile art through their interpretation of the world.

Women’s strength continues to be a source of inspiration for the designers. They interpret femininity in their collections as tenderness, aesthetics and empowerment. Siamo Studio’s women are strong and authentic. For Jordi and Santi fashion is a game, combining colors, textures, volumes and child-like creativity; which is why they design for women who aren’t afraid of playing and having fun with fashion, without prejudices and rules.

Siamo Studio presents La Tramontana SS21 Collection

The emerging brand releases their new collection for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea, through childhood memories and empowered women. 

Romantic and innocent, the Mediterranean Sea becomes the designer’s playground. La Tramontana: a chimeric and whimsical wind that has influenced artists and writers, and for somea synonym for insanity. For others it is a source of inspiration responsible for an artistic temperament that influenced the likes of Salvador Dalí, Josep Pla and Gabriel García Márquez. It is a force of nature which has also influenced the work of Jordi Andrés and Santi Mozas, Siamo Studio’s creative directors.

Their second prêt-à-couture collection received the name of this French wind that blows forcibly in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia. Associated with the magic and evocative Mediterranean where both designers grew up and witnessed the birth of their brand, founded in late 2018.

In their latest project, Jordi and Santi play with fashion and combine a pastel color scheme. Big bows, dramatic volumes and strategic pleated pieces provide a very dynamic and contemporary collection.

Entirely made by Siamo Studio, their accessories take us back to our childhood. Extra large earrings shaped as hearts and flowers made with Hama Beads inevitably reunite to those never-ending crafts evenings.

Their second collection consists of nine looks. Under the concept of “drop by drop” Siamo Studio offers exclusive creations that steer away from overproduction and aim at strong women with their own sense of style who are not likely to follow temporary trends.

To view the entire collection visit Siamo Studio.

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