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At the outstart of every single challenge we face, we tend to begin with the best intentions possible. We are ready to take the bull by the horns, we are ready to do what it takes to get to the finish line. No matter how hard or how long the task for the challenge seems to be, we are ready to take on the world. At the beginning. And then real life sets in.

The thing with new challenges in new goals is that they seem to exist in a vacuum. We tend to think that they are going to be the most important thing to us when they first come up, and in the best scenarios we can overestimate our abilities and capabilities when it comes to defeating those challenges. All of this makes it even harder when real life happens alongside this extra dish that we have been served. Suddenly, everything has become a juggling act where we are not sure how many different things we are supposed to keep up in the air at one time, and then we’re disappointed when we drop one or two of the things we were supposed to keep up with. This can greatly undermine every good intention and good capabilities that we have.

Model Dallas Jayde in Never Give Up feature for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5
Never Give Up Photography by Tanjim Chowdhury for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5

Perseverance is the word that we will hear over and over again. On some level, we know that this concept is the key to driving our goals and dreams to completion. Some of us seem to have this trait in spades, while others have to dig deeper and work even harder to just keep it going. And our perseverance can be seemingly attacked or encouraged simply depending on the type of people that come up in our lives throughout the course of our journeys. There are two types of people that we will meet. The first are the encouragers, who will root for you at every step on your journey and help to give you a little boost when you stumble or struggle.

However, the other group are the naysayers or even the haters. These are the people who are going to question you and your choices at every single turn and with every simple decision. Some of them will try to pass themselves off as the realists who are simply “trying to help”. They are the tricky ones to deal with. Sometimes, especially when the journey gets hard, or you seem to be facing struggle after struggle, their words will seem to have a ring of truth to them. This can be dangerous to you and your goals. It’s important to be careful when you experience this for yourself. It will be in these moments you will need to dig even deeper to keep yourself focused on the prize.

At the end of everything, success has two major components: a strong person who is goal oriented, and a huge sense of perseverance. Possessing the ability to dig deep into yourself when everything on the outside of you is telling you that you can’t do something will be your saving grace. It will be tempting at points to listen to the people who tell you that you can’t do something or to get yourself stuck in the circumstances that will keep you from moving forward or will even sidetrack you.

The difference between people who get sidetracked and the people who achieve their goals is that the people who achieve things have learned to count on themselves first and foremost and listen to what they think is best, to keep going by using that inner voice as their guiding star.

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