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A new line of contemporary jewelry MyCity Napoli by Nobahar Design Milano.

When you travel abroad, the feeling of having left something behind is constant. But living in a new place is beautiful and pleasant; you can choose your own path to follow. You can experience freedom and you can define new beginnings while remaining full of curiosity. However, the truth about living abroad or travel is that you cannot be in two places at once. The new collection from Nobahar Design Milano carries varied lines to represent a city with its own nostalgia and traditions. MyCity Napoli was created as a symbol of bringing a piece of home with you.

It consists of a series of rings and cuffs built with additive manufacturing technology and dyed manually with natural colours that represent the city. The Piazza del Plebiscito inspires the entire line. San Francesco di Paola church creates ‚Äčthe profile of the pieces in this collection. Located in the heart of Napoli, it is one of the most important symbols of the city.

Nobahar Design Milano feature for Merrymen Magazine - Photos by Tommaso Zanetta

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