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Notes from the editor

The Podcast

Danny Mack

Founder / CEO

Dan‘s experience with publishing began with newspaper production and advertising design, which led to many more opportunities with project management and creative direction. While working with countless passionate visionaries, he witnessed an injustice—that they were not receiving the recognition they deserved. He vowed to stand for those who didn’t have a platform or means to share their work, and so Merrymen was born.
A self-acclaimed black sheep and proud member of the lgbtq+ community, Dan’s passionate about advocating for diversity and equal rights, and seeks to make the world a better place.
“At its core Merrymen is a tool for self-improvement. Merrymen was created to help people become successful at pursuing their passions. I love that it’s having a positive impact and influencing change by celebrating a diverse group of passionate people, as well as helping others attain a happier and more successful livelihood.”

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