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A reputation can follow you everywhere, making it incredibly important in almost every aspect of life.

Before anybody meets a new person, they often make preconceptions based on information they have been given, with reputation playing a large part in this. Having a good reputation can almost work as an introduction before even meeting. On the contrary, being renowned for any negative traits can deter communication or make it difficult to build relationships.

When it comes to business and professional relationships, reputation is vital once again. Being known in the industry as a trustworthy, successful business person or company can enhance introductions, help meet other professionals and even close business. Ultimately, a positive reputation makes you a desirable person to work with, for, or alongside, playing a fundamental part in running any successful business.

Reputation feature article for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 - Model Giovanna Goglino
Reputation feature article for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5 - Photos by Pietro Schiavetti
Reputation feature with words by Holly Worthington for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5

The importance of reputation is easily demonstrated online, with negative reviews quickly damaging success and stopping people from engaging, or making purchases, based on unsatisfactory reputations.

Reputation can also set a standard to be followed, for example, staff may uphold impressive values if their team and surrounding environment is focused on having pride and high standards. Contrastingly, a workplace which may have a reputation of not being particularly ethical may encourage staff to make little effort to be trustworthy, affecting the business and the way it is perceived from those outside the organization.

Overall, the reputation of individuals, workplaces and environments can have a large impact on success, changing the way people perceive, interact and work with others.

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