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Dilution. Masking. Maybe it’s time to consider re-seasoning.

There is a reason why chefs recommend adding just a ‘pinch’ of salt to your food; it’s because too much can leave a pretty bad taste in your mouth.

Well, it’s the same when you encounter saltiness in the work place; just as one over salted dish can spoil the whole meal, one salty colleague can make for a miserable team. Worse still; what if it’s your boss who’s the salty one? Having a salt-shaken-superior can really make earning your daily bread a grind, because their saltiness is also a reflection of their preference for micro-management.

So how can you deal with a boss whose had a little too much of the white stuff sprinkled on them (no, that’s a different magazine, we’re talking about salt here!)? Maybe you can do something to change them, maybe not. Maybe it’s a case of learning to live with the taste, or finding a new place to dine!

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