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Introducing a new age of beach towel design.

Grigoris and Constantinos Samaras were raised in the seaside suburbs of Athens, Greece with a fondness for the great outdoors, and an unwavering affinity for the beach. Growing up, they became avid travelers, always seeking new adventures in distant lands and eternally searching for the perfect beach escape.

In the summer of 2013, with over a decade of experience working with their family in the textile trade across three continents, they founded Sea You Soon, a premium beach towel brand with a minimal and natural aesthetic and a true nomadic spirit. Created to embrace beach ramblers and cosmopolitan travelers across the globe, Sea You Soon is dedicated to everyone’s innate nostalgia for the nurturing sea.

Inspired by the brorthers’ endless summer days by the beach, every towel in the Sea You Soon collection celebrates their love for nature through a focus on earth and sea tones. Each collection’s elegant stripes, bold patterns and exclusive individual designs are carefully created in the brands studio in Greece while weaved in both Greece and Turkey.

All towels are sand resistant due to their compact weave and high quality of natural fibers. These multipurpose towels can also be used as a beach mat, while their oversized yet lightweight nature allows them to instantly transform into a sarong or cover-up. Furthermore, the consumption of Tencel (eucalyptus) fibers in their product range ensures that all towels are highly absorbent while a relevant certificate is granted by Austrian based Lenzing AG since 2015.

The brand will be celebrating its 6 years of operations and are extremely proud for the network of 150 stockists they now hold in a total of 12 countries including Le Bonne Marché, Rinascente, Breuninger, and more.

Grigoris and Constantinos Samaras - founders of Sea You Soon featured in Merrymen Magazine Volume 4
Sea You Soon, a new age of beach towel design for Merrymen Magazine Volume 4
Sea You Soon featured in Merrymen Magazine Volume 4
Sea You Soon new age beach towels for him and her - Merrymen Magazine

Why is it important to choose a premium beach towel?

Here at Sea You Soon, we give a great emphasis on design but most importantly on quality. In order to deliver a premium range of beach towels we carefully select and use ultra-fine Tencel fibers which are then combined with cotton. Tencel is produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. The use of Tencel ensures that our towels are not only highly absorbent but they are also gentle to your skin with a long lasting softness. Thicker than a standard hammam towel, Sea You Soon is so breathable that it does not give bacteria the chance to grow.

How do you support local artisans?

One of the core aims that we had when building the brand was to revive the local weaving in Greece. The country was faced with an economic recession since 2010 and the local weaving had almost collapsed. By early 2014 we had started to partially relocate our towel production from India & Turkey and to support the yarn traders, dye houses and our dedicated weavers in Greece. Having this as a mission we managed to move about 70% of our overall production to date in the outskirts of Athens, giving us flexibility in terms of product development, lead times and quality while we have drastically reduced our ecological footprint.

Sea You Soon beach towels featured in Merrymen Magazine Volume 4

How is each towel sand resistant?

The use of high-quality fibers together with our towels’ compact weave, ensures that no loops on the fabric surface are created. This allows a multipurpose use in our towels and can also be used as a beach mat as no sand can penetrate.

How do you aim to relate your products with your patrons?

Our aim is to embrace beach ramblers and cosmopolitan travelers around the globe through a premium and minimal line of summer essentials. Our collection is inspired by all the travel destinations we visit while we try to communicate our love for nature through a focus on earth and sea colour tones. Each season we design unique patterns which blend the nomadic side of our life with our Mediterranean origin. The names of the towels we give are from the countries or places we visit and reflect the inspiration behind each piece.

Is there something people don’t know about you already you would like to share?

Over the past few years we have set a brand mission to minimize our ecological footprint. We have shifted the production closer to our premises while adding sustainable raw materials in our range like Tencel. Currently it was decided that all polyester components in our items should be reduced and all care labels and tags to be replaced by cotton. Last we have started the use of biodegradable ingredients in our packaging and will be plastic free in the coming future.

Sea You Soon, a premium beach towel brand with a minimal and natural aesthetic and a true nomadic spirit. Feature for Merrymen Magazine Volume 4

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