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The compelling nature of love, how it affects a person and what it really is?

A woman left her home and her lover in Belarus to live in New York to further her career. The long distance relationship proved to be unbearable and an ultimatum presented itself to the couple – to either be together in New York or discontinue the relationship altogether; her lover chose to move to be with her in New York.

But what is it about love that acts like a force of nature? It can compel and drive irrational behaviour or cause one to make brash and brave choices. Like a limited ability to change the weather, love can come and go according to a sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained.

Love can be invited, but it ultimately is a force bigger than a controllable urge. People can choose to accept it, surrender to it or not, but it is more often than not unpredictable and irrefutable. It can strike like lightning and some may find themselves loving people they never thought they liked to begin with. Love has no rules, conditions, terms, schedule, or parameters. It’s an independent energy much like the sun, that radiates free from human laws.

Marriage doesn’t always mean love. Marriage is about contracts. Pre-nuptial agreement, alimony and marriage laws binding these contracts including ownership to property are ruled by the judicial system.

You cannot buy love, make someone loose their will to love, nor can you prevent love. You cannot sell it or trade it and it can not be incarcerated or detained. Love is not a commodity that is marketable. It has no quantifiable mass or measurable energy.

Sex and physical stimulation by any method can be purchased, whether or not they should be for sale is another subject. But the point is an orgasm can be bought, love cannot. It can’t be a prize, or turned off as retribution.

Imitations of love, including lust, attraction, and desire, physiological or psychological can be used to persuade and bait people. But whether or not a person is leery to experience love it can strike nonetheless. It comes of its own will and timing. And does not allow for abusive behaviours to remain unjust. It does not threaten, but allows for grief, pain and anger to be released. Love is compassionate and patient towards emotion that comes from the heart.

Attributes to love alone are not love, and love itself is never missed when you experience it. All energy is connected and love knows that it’s true nature cannot be manipulated. Each soul’s supremacy and jurisdiction is celebrated by love. A person who truly loves themselves and accepts love for what it is will know that love is its own law.

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