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Valencia may be Spain’s finest Mediterranean city. This seaside community boasts a plethora of gems including brilliant beaches, renaissance churches, and some of the most incredible architecture in Europe. If you visit, it’s not difficult to see why Valencians are proud of their city and culture.

And there is a captivating charm present in Valencia, enhanced by the grace and elegance of Japanese modesty demonstrated while enjoying breakfast.

For locals, breakfast often consists of a cup of coffee, sometimes accompanied by a pastry like the greatly popular churros, served sprinkled with sugar. After a meal, Spanish eating customs veritably include a siesta. Spaniards will take a break after a large meal to let the food digest before returning to work. Although the break doesn’t always include a nap, some businesses close for an hour or two.

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Moreover, the Japanese are often described as poised and graceful. Particular attributes contributing to Japanese elegance include their movement. You rarely see Japanese people without good posture, leaning, slouching or walking indecently; and for women, high heels demonstrate sophistication. This properness carries through to their eating habits. Politeness when eating includes taking smaller bites and not rushing or shovelling food into the mouth.

There is a charming sophistication regarding the politeness and grace of the Japanese people set in the beauty of Spain’s wonder, Valencia.

A calm marriage of worldliness mirrors the persona with the lifestyle.

When you think about this setting in which the Japanese behaviour is exemplified, it’s a moment that seems perfectly timeless and harmonious.

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