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Photos of Atlas, 2018

A collection in collaboration with Paul Brissonnet & Valeriane Lazard. Edited by Gallery Spazio Nobile.

French interior designer Paul Brissonnet was lucky enough to assist his mentor, artist Mathias Kiss, for several years. The designs he created from collaborations and partnerships showcased at the Toulon Design Parade have earned him some amazing achievements and prizes. We had a chance to ask Paul about his first-rate designs and fascination with sculpture and stonework.

Stone Work - Edited by Gallery Spazio Nobile for Merrymen Magazine

How did you become an interior designer?

It was a logical progression to be an interior designer. I started to study in graphic design and after a while I found myself stuck. It had to evolve so I just jumped from 2D to 3D. There are so many domains like retail, residential, hospitality, scenography for museum or theatre, furniture, art pieces…

What achievement influenced your journey?

I always shy away from answering this question. I think I am too early on in my career to claim to do anything big enough to influence my path. I have worked on some incredible projects that have brought me great fulfillment as a designer and given me some direction for the future. Ask me again in a few years.

How did your style develop?

I love what I do. I think if you want to develop some skills you must work with the best in their domain. Aesthetic or style comes over time. As the years go by, our tastes are refined. Everything influences me. It would look hackneyed to say that but it’s true. It can be a building, a movie, furniture, a book. But what intrigues me the most is people who are passionate. As for example Soulages who painted black since he was very small and never stopped. It fascinates [me].

Atlas Vase by Paul Brissonnet & Valeriane Lazard
Stone Work for Merrymen Magazine Volume 3

Do you have Any advice about what you’ve learned?

I think the most important thing that I have learned as a designer is to continuously learn and learn every day. Be focused on what you do and always do your best for every project, for everything and give the best of oneself.

What goals do you hope to achieve with your work?

I hope when you see my work or you are inside the structure it provokes a sensation, a feeling (negative or positive).

Atlas Pedestal by Paul Brissonnet & Valeriane Lazard
Atlas Chair by Paul Brissonnet & Valeriane Lazard

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