Thank you for your interest in being a part of Merrymen Magazine. We love sharing amazing stories and content from people who love what they do. We collaborate with extraordinary and talented creatives to produce an incredible product, whom without, this magazine would not be possible. Here’s a few rules we want to share that will help you know how we work and what to expect by submitting your own work.

  1. TEAM CREDITS. Must include team member names and roles (eg. photographer, stylist, model and agency).
  2. STYLING CREDITS. Please include clothing and accessory brands for fashion editorial submissions.
  3. We do NOT accept material that includes sexually explicit material, drug use, pictures that incite violence, racism or xenophobia.
  4. Models must have consent with the photographer to be published, legal representation or agent approval.
  5. REMEMBER: All works must correspond with the magazine’s aesthetic.

For all terms & conditions for contributing please click here.

All submissions will be considered for the print edition, unless otherwise stated in the submission details.

    *1 If you need to provide files and images to accompany your submission, upload and share a google drive folder. Please ensure your drive folder is accessible by editing the sharing settings, selecting “Advanced” and enabling link sharing.

    Submission Guidelines

    Merrymen prefers sharing content about tailored and holistic approaches to success.

    We accept many different types of submissions from writers and photographers. We prefer content that has not been previously published. If your submission has been published, please make sure to provide a link to it.

    We are currently accepting:

    • Share your passions or success story in an editorial or photo essay
    • Company, Entrepreneurial or Artisan Profiles
    • Events or Promotional Campaigns
    • Creative & compelling editorials about pursuing passion and a holistic fulfilling life

    We reserve the right to approve all content that is published in the print and online versions of Merrymen Magazine and not all submissions will be accepted. Because of the amount of submissions we receive, it could take up to two to four weeks for a response.

    We receive amazing submissions from people all over the world. In order to be considered for publication in Merrymen Magazine, please include all of the following information with your submission:

    • Name and contact information (including website(s))
    • 5-8 images or link to an online gallery (if submitting photos)
    • Information about the story idea or photo essay