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Things you can do to feel happier

A lot of us think that we’ll be happier once we have everything we want: the perfect life, a dream house, a new car, the perfect partner, more money, etc. The truth is that the key to being happier is to simply take the time to do things that make us happy. And the things you want will become naturally attracted to you when you are in a happier state of mind. 

Here’s my list of things I do to make me feel happier:

Cook or bake something

I love feeling productive and trying new recipes. What a better way to feel productive then when you get to eat it after, or give it to someone you love!? 

Listen to music

Music can be so therapeutic, so crank the music and dance!


Go for a walk outside or get some movement on a treadmill. Run, jog, workout, swim or do yoga, there’s tons of ways to get some movement to release those endorphins. 


There’s so many ways to meditate, a common misconception is that meditation is about being still, but even movement like dancing can be a form of meditation.

Connect with nature

Go hiking or if it’s winter-time go snowshoeing. Spring and summer are a great time to do some earthing, which is a form of grounding in which you simply walk barefoot outdoors. 

Learn a new craft

I recently learned how to make handmade soy candles and wooden shelves. As a kid I was into beading and macramé. There’s tons to choose from, and even the potential to turn your crafting hobby into a side-hustle, hello Etsy. 

Make tea

My form of a magic potion. You can try getting the ingredients to make your own blends. 

Enjoy some sunshine

If you can’t get natural sunlight try getting some vitamin D at a tanning salon.

Learn to play a musical instrument

There’s tons of apps now to learn how to read music and how to play anything. But if you already know how to play, have a jam session. 

Go for a drive

One of the best ways I feel more free and happier is to explore. I love road trips and I love travelling, the best is when you find some new local gems or businesses to check out on your trip.  

Remember, your happiness level is in your control. What do you do that makes you happy? Try making a list and checking some things off of it.

~Danny Mack

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