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In today’s male-dominated business world, it’s a challenge for women to thrive in ‘the mens club’. Therefore, for women in the business world, it’s important to follow these 3 simple rules to make sure you thrive and get the recognition that you deserve!

Have Confidence

This is by far the most important rule to follow. Having confidence in your skills and what you bring to the table professionally will not only help you in pretty much every facet of life, professional and personal, but it will also show on the outside; causing people to respect you more now that you exude confidence.

Balance is Key

While it’s important to keep hustling and get moving, it’s equally as important to rest when needed. Everyone wants to be able to just keep going, however, biologically, it just doesn’t work that way. In order to give your 100%, you have to feel your 100%, so make sure to sleep 8 hours and take those self-care days!

Do What You Love

Finally, it’s important to follow your passions. While making money is crucial in today’s capitalistic world, it’s just as important to do what you love, whatever that may be. So no matter what that passion is, it’s important to hold onto that.

Model Victoria Vityukhova in Three Simple Rules feature for Merrymen Magazine Volume 5

Following these 3 simple rules will not only help you excel in the business world, but in any environment that you may find yourself in. So keep on hustling, just don’t forget to rest every once in a while!

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