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SPRIG’s everlasting arrangements are made from thoughtfully handcrafted faux blooms and botanicals, and reflect their founders obsessive attention to quality and good design. Blending various influences from architecture to abstract form, their arrangements are meant to last and seek to be textured, unexpected and confident in their own distinctive definition of beauty.


Beautiful arrangements uniquely displayed in the contrast of their urban settings. It’s hard to believe these arrangements are in fact, faux. Their designs resonate such a high quality and they are convincingly realistic. SPRIG was founded out of a passion for simple, beautiful things. Before being established, sister founders had casually joked about retiring one day as florists. They loved the idea of surrounding themselves with beauty and enjoying a creative outlet.

“By fate, we came across faux florals and this unexpectedly became the perfect medium for our need to create. To be honest, we originally had an aversion to artificial because we just couldn’t see them replacing the intricacy and ephemeral quality of natural flowers. But the moment we came across the voluminous silk blossoms of the dahlia and the wildly splayed emerald leaves of the birch branch, we saw limitless expression.”

They went on to explain to us that with faux, the blooms are always at their best and the colours at their most vibrant; stems could be bent at the creators will and elaborate installations were imagined. In many ways, they defy the limitations of real florals.

“We quickly began working with different makers to create our inaugural range of blooms and botanicals, personally ensuring each handmade stem was perfect. It was really an organic process, and a few samples and photoshoots later, SPRIG was born.”

The relationship between clients and the floral atelier is one of the most important things for SPRIG. They started the business because they were excited by floral arrangement as a form of creative expression.

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“We have the most fun when we’re freely playing around with various flowers and foliage to create different works of art, and we really wanted to share this experience with others. Our clients contact us with ideas all the time, and we work together to develop unique bouquets for their homes, businesses or special events.”

“It was also always important that the brand felt like us and reflected our personality, so we personally wrap each package, big or small, with a handwritten note from us. We feel really lucky to have so much support from people who like what we do, and wanted to make sure that we communicated that to the client.”

From the beginning, SPRIG wanted the product and brand to reflect their own obsessive attention to quality and good design. They weren’t afraid to toss out items that were not exactly right or did not relate to the identity. The result is a very edited and curated collection. For SPRIG, it’s always “less is more.”

SPRIG breaks away from the conventions of the floral industry and introduces different influences into their designs. Today, the market is saturated by ultra-feminine styling and conventional glamour.

“We couldn’t find anyone offering something that reflected a more modern and dynamic aesthetic – something we would want to put in our own homes – so, we went about to create it!”

It was really important for SPRIG to celebrate faux for its own amazing characteristics and qualities. The blooms are exaggerated, the colors are super saturated, and the stems could bend!

All of this made the product really special to SPRIG, and therefore, they never sought to present their products as “just-like-real.”

For clients who look to SPRIG for styling options, they launched their first bouquet range only a short time ago. The bouquets come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

“We know our clients have their own unique style sensibilities, so we wanted the arrangements to be able to work for them. We launched our bespoke service in November 2018, where our floral designers custom style arrangements for clients who want a SPRIG piece that is unique to them. We’ve already had a lot of excitement about this from our existing client base.”

SPRIG has gotten a lot of different requests from a variety of clients, from those looking to gift a loved one, new homeowners who are decorating, to brands and event planners who want to set up a beautiful space for a project. They’re really open to everything and have found a lot of inspiration from the ideas of their clients as well.

“I like to think that it is open-minded thinking that helped create SPRIG’s unexpected and distinctive definition of beauty.”

New inspiration for their work is constantly accumulated, taking cues from fine art, architecture and abstract form. Their mood boards draw from both the natural and human worlds, whether it is free-wielding patterns in nature or the considered art of Ikebana.

Their creative process is that of a very organic one; SPRIG begins by creating pieces they love and hope that translates into products that people find compelling. The quality of each stem is amazing and allows the creators to easily play with things like colour, texture and depth with their arrangements.

Since the flowers and plants are handmade, SPRIG has a lot of control with how the arrangements turn out, from the color hue to the size or shape of each petal.

“When we’re arranging, we get to source from such a wide range of blooms and botanicals, which is something that is not always possible with fresh due to seasonal availability or cost. The product is really durable, so there is no problem experimenting with different arrangements and installations. The shape of the stems can be molded how we want, which means we get to play around with structural forms that we would not be able to with real flowers. Plus, they last forever which is really nice when you are creating pieces that you’re proud of. We love inviting our own customers to play around with the single stems and creating something individual at home themselves.”

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