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Integrity can be a very rewarding practice, but it is not without its challenges.

In the world of today, we’re exposed to all sorts of interactions. Whether you’re talking to a customer, colleague, or friend, the settings will change. As a result, you might be approaching each scenario with a different mindset.

It’s easy to compartmentalize and create barriers between work and family. You might show your relatives a side of you, and put up a different facade for the people at your job, for example.

For many of us, this is a coping mechanism to deal with our insecurities. Lack of confidence and other issues might prevent people from reaching their potential. In most cases, this coping mechanism is not the right solution. In fact, it might make the problem worse, creating an even deeper rift between you and the people in your life. Hiding your opinions, personality, and insights might be a way to avoid confrontation. On the other side of the coin, you will feel trapped. Being a “yes man” isn’t the proper way to earn the love and respect you deserve.

Integrity is not only about “doing the right thing,” such as not stealing. It is also about being virtuous with yourself, and with others, about your true self.

Embracing integrity in your daily life can be quite a challenge. There are so many roadblocks to overcome!

The most significant obstacle will be your fear. To be virtuous means to speak your mind and be open about your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Stating that you disagree about something and asserting your view can be difficult. Confessing your love for another person can be nerve-racking as well. There are so many similar situations in life, and we all struggle to speak our mind and be completely virtuous.

Things get easier after you break through the initial barrier. Think of it as jumping into a swimming pool. At first, you might not look forward to the rush of cold from the water. The first splash can be a shock, but sooner or later, you will acclimate to the temperature of the water itself. You’ll start to feel more comfortable, more in control.

Starting your path towards integrity is a very similar process. The initial jump will bring a chill down your spine, but you’ll later float and swim at your leisure!

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Once you commit to your policy of integrity, you’ll start to notice many differences in your life. Confronting people about issues or disagreements in a reasonable manner is critical. You might even find that they emphasize and connect with your point of view!

If you tell someone you love them, they might say “I Love You Back.” Not being virtuous will cause you to miss so many opportunities in your life.

Granted, being virtuous won’t help you resolve every conflict in your life, and it won’t make you likable to everyone. In spite of that, it is still a great way to attract positive people (and situations) in your life.

Lack of integrity might get you stuck with toxic relationships and detrimental environments. In such situations, others might take advantage of you. Keep in mind that there are many predators out there. These wolves in sheep’s clothing often target people who struggle with confidence. By being virtuous, you’ll be able to keep these draining elements away from your life, and feel more fulfilled.

In conclusion, integrity can be challenging, but it is a path to happiness, and a way to better your life.

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