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Editor's Note

Vol. 2 - The Selfcare Issue

I was recently inspired by a message posted on a friend’s Instagram account that said: “I do believe that luck exists but people choosing to share, support, connect, promote and raise others up is how most things are actually accomplished,” and I couldn’t agree more. My goals with Merrymen were realized and achieved because of the support of my incredible team and the generosity of our talented, magnanimous contributors. 

My self-discovery has been enlightening, and some of the most important lessons I’ve learned and best self care advice I can offer is: Spend time with those who are like-minded, who care about you, and can see your worth and value. Show your appreciation for them and tell them you’re grateful. Ignore or try to separate yourself from the people who attack or belittle you and would like to see you fail. Pay kindness and appreciation forward, and in return you will receive it.  For some, this may sound like common sense. But for me, it really resonates when I write it down and read it over. In large part, this note is a reminder to myself. Thank you contributors, supporters and friends. 

~Danny Mack

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