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Editor's Note

Vol. 3 - The Connection Issue

I feel strongly about the importance for people to connect today more than ever. Because technology rules lives in a broken and dark world, it’s pertinent that people don’t lose hope and faith in each other. We are all composed of interconnected energy; and the powers that be would like to see us segregated, isolated and singular because we’re easier to control, manipulate and pick off. But as a collective whole, we can take the power out of the hands of evil people who are enslaving us. I think people who think we’re free are disillusioned. We are not free people, we live in a capitalist tyrant, greed driven society, but the message behind the connection issue is that if we stick together and support each other we can make anything happen. If we’re unhappy with the world, we can change it, but only together. No dream is too big as long as you have the right champion supporting you. 

After watching a series of TED Talks, I’ve come to learn that isolation is the biggest dream killer, and that loneliness can only be combated if we reach out to each other. So many people are lonely, and loneliness is triggering mental disorders, in part, because of how we now interact with each other. Social media is being used by the majority incorrectly and disingenuously. Technology and social media are not all bad though, they are great tools as long as we use them correctly and for positivity instead of manipulation and deceit. Yes, there are a lot of bad people in the world, but there are also good, kind, and benevolent people. It all comes back to the Golden Rule – treat others as you wish to be treated. Remember, you are not alone.

~Danny Mack

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