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Editor's Note

Vol. 4 - The Vitality Issue

It’s true people can cause joy or can cause pain. They can be uplifting and inspirational or they can be the latter. I always question why someone would choose the latter. If you’re having a bad day, is that a bad week, bad month, bad year, bad life? Perhaps there’s a pattern. Don’t fall into the pattern. 

Vitality, in my opinion, is living authentically. And if you’re living your truth and the best version of yourself, how can you have a bad life? Essentially this empowerment of being who you truly are and accepting that, creates a domino effect and affects those around you. But that being said, there are two paths to follow. One that is positive and one that is not. It is a choice, do you want to be miserable, and do you want to make others around you miserable? Most people would agree not. If bad things happen to you, how do you move forward? Do you dwell on your misfortune or do you move on and learn from it? Realizing that bad things may happen, but not letting it rule you and your wellbeing will improve quality of life. 

Practice integrity and honesty, and you will find that this ritual of trying to be more virtuous has a bountiful and positive outcome. Believe you can change your position in life. And it starts by protecting yourself from the negative energy and focussing on the good. Radiate good vibes. You’ll see your life begin to change and vitality take hold.

~Danny Mack

© 2021 Merrymen.

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