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Editor's Note

Vol. 5 - The Industry Issue

I’ve heard that comparing yourself to others is a sure way to fail. But self-doubt is a difficult thing to overcome, isn’t it? So how do you go forth into the world with confidence and self-assurance? It isn’t easy. Not everyone has those innate traits. Speaking from personal experience, it’s difficult to not compare yourself to others, especially with how accessible incredible work is these days. But I’ll tell you a secret, everyone started somewhere, the secret is – to start. The focus on ‘industry’ this issue is to provide some insight on the fact that every business has a start and everyone has a start within a business. 

Majority of owners or people who dive-in wholeheartedly face a lot of challenges. And at the end of the day, if you don’t do it for the love of the art or if you aren’t truly passionate about what you do, the sacrifices are not worth it. That can really be said about any industry. The point is, whatever you do, do it because you love it, not for the attention or pressure that it’s expected of you. When you find your calling, something that ignites your very soul at the thought of waking up and doing it everyday, that’s what you should be pursuing. Hardships will come, that’s the reality of life, but balance is key. Surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment. Stay focused. Work hard. Don’t give up. And life will reward you with your dreams and desires.

~Danny Mack

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