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Editor's Note

Vol. 6 - The Compassion Issue

I had one teacher that stands out in my mind because they never criticized me and they never made me feel like less. I carry her name with me because she gave me power in realizing my own values and strengths. She was a large part in why I pursued a creative career and I hope to inspire someone the way she inspired me. I think it’s my responsibility to help others to improve their confidence and to inspire them to believe in themselves so that they can fulfill their purpose. That’s why I love celebrating people who love what they do and are pursuing their passions. They should be celebrated. Leaders are supposed to inspire action. So I often ask myself, how can I help others to fulfill their purpose and accept themselves? I think it all starts with accepting the fact that you deserve to be happy and then finding how you can be the truest and most fulfilled version of yourself. I enjoy creating a safe space for others to express themselves, by supporting them and commending them on pursuing their passions, and offering to help them with whatever they may need along the way. I love making people feel good about themselves and recognizing things about themselves that they may not necessarily already know. 

You need to realize that you deserve the life you want. That you deserve to be happy. The lesson in short comings or unfortunate events are meant to teach us, and it’s how you react to those situations that will either put you on the path to growth or the latter. 

Throughout my own experiences, I’ve come to understand that I can’t allow painful circumstances to shut me down. I need to give and share love with others. Don’t give up hope. You can’t allow a negative past to affect future outcomes. I hope that sharing my story and my transformation of healing and growth inspires others. Take it day by day. Listen to your heart, and have a little more compassion for yourself and for others. The rewards are plenty.

~Danny Mack

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