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Destigmatizing female desire and proving old stereotypes wrong; the changes of normalizing discussions about sexuality and relationships, for healthy, refreshing and more empowering beliefs.

After decades of outdated stereotypes, women are proving that the ‘traditional’, old-fashioned view of women, which suggests they prioritize cuddles, flowers and chocolates, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are celebrating their sexuality more than ever, showcasing their femininity in an entirely new way. The stigma of female desire no longer exists, as women around the world embrace their sexuality and share it with the world.

What if we kissed for Merrymen Vol 6 - Photos by Ara Coutts

Ladies are proud and comfortable in the bedroom, going against the out-of-date belief that sex is more pleasurable for men. The conversation around women’s love lives has been normalized as they openly talk about their experiences and show that exploring sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of… in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

With this, the conversation around consent has been brought to light, as women’s rights, sex lives and enjoyment is being spoken about more than ever before, with the rise in popularity for channels and podcasts like Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy podcast.

Gone are the days of silence and embarrassment. Preconceived ideas, myths and untrue information is being challenged, as knowledge brings a new kind of power. Women are free to do as they wish with their bodies, expressing themselves and not being afraid to express their pleasure.

Women seek more than relationships and comfort, as it has been suggested in the past. They seek thrills, adventure, and respect. The next generation of empowered women is here.

What If We Kissed - Makeup by Daniella Pope for Merrymen Magazine Vol 6

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